Incorporated as an independent service in 1965 by some of the directors of 'The Ring' Sportive and Cultural Association the Hilfswerk has been and continues to be active in the financial assistance of German speaking citizens in need in the greater Montreal area. In 1994/1995 it has built and equipped a community hall  - named Treffpunkt - inside a centrally located housing project for German speaking seniors called "Haus der Heimat" and thus provides a permanent home for most social and cultural associations of the German language - German, Austrian, and Swiss - of the greater Montreal area to hold their meetings and regular get togethers.  


The members and directors of Hilfswerk are involved in the daily and weekly care of our fellow citizens in need on a strictly voluntary basis and without remuneration. As the community ages such assistance consists frequently of visits to hospitals and retirement homes to provide encouragement and even physical help with some daily chores.



Our Presidents - Nos Présidents  
Unsere Präsidenten

Our Offices - 
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Unsere Büros

 1965 to 1986       H. Omann              472, Westminster  Montreal West QC     
  1987 to 1987       H. Baessler         472, Westminster  Montreal West QC    
   1988 to 1998       E. Uggowitzer  435, rue  Hamel  Laval Fabreville QC   
1998  to  now  I. Johansson    375, rue Louise Lamy         Dorval  QC


In view of the fact that immigration from the European continent has decreased substantially and younger generations of citizens born here to us immigrants don't neccessarily join up with cultural associations reflecting traditions and customs from the former countries, many of our clubs are due to cease operations within the next generation. In the interim - however - most of our efforts are to help the less fortunate of our fellow citizens.

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